The Village of Enon is an Equal Opportunity Employer which recruits, appoints, assigns, disciplines all employees or potential employees on the basis of merit without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ethnic origin, ethnic heritage, disability, or any factor precluded by applicable laws.

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Employment Application


This position is located within the Administrative Departments of the Village of Enon, Ohio, Clark County, Ohio. This labor related position has been created by the Enon Village Council as required by the Ohio Revised Code. The incumbent shall be appointed by the Village Administrator with written approval from the Mayor. This position serves at the pleasure of the Administrator and shall be responsible for performing a variety of duties as outlined below.

Length of Employment:

Required Qualifications:

Duties and Responsibilities

Salaries and Benefits

The hourly rate for this job shall be set by the Enon Village Council based on qualifications, longevity and job performance. Salary increases shall be recommended by the Village Administrator to the Mayor.

Refer to www.enonohio.com/employment or contact the Village of Enon Government Office for additional application information.