Enon Park

Enon Park

Established in 1958, Enon Park is a 12 acre Park that houses playground equipment for children of all ages, a skate park, a walking path and three shelter houses that can be rented for family gatherings or functions. The Park also houses a large open area that can be used as a Soccer field or other recreation. The Park operates from dawn to dusk.

The Park also serves as the main well field drawing water from the Mad River Aquifer and supplying quality water to the residents of Enon.

Reservation for the large shelter (with electric) is $25.00. Reservation for the small shelters (no electric) are only $15.00.
Call (937) 864-7870 to reserve the shelter house.

Enon Park is located at 2825 Enon-Xenia Rd.

Enon Skateboard Park Rules

Safety Equipment Requirements – The minimum safety equipment recommended at this facility includes: protective helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. All parents should require their children to wear this protective equipment while using the facility. Failure to wear protective equipment could expose users to bone fracture, concussion and other serious or fatal injury upon falling or collision with other users.

General Rules:

  1. Skating is restricted to the skating area;
  2. No glass containers, food, gum or beverages allowed on the skating surface;
  3. No other items such as benches, tables, wood materials, or other objects used as ramps or jumps are allowed in the skate park facility;
  4. No pets are allowed in skate park area;
  5. No skating against traffic on ramps or pipes;
  6. Do not proceed down ramp until clear of other skaters;
  7. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and weapons are prohibited;
  8. Horseplay, roughhousing, fighting, violence, and profanity are prohibited;
  9. No bicycle or scooter usage in skate park area;
  10. No skating while skating surface is wet, due to rain, snow or other weather conditions;
  11. Only one person per skateboard;
  12. Shoes must be worn at all times;
  13. No graffiti, tagging, accelerants or wax;
  14. Spectators must stay off the skating surfaces;
  15. Any scheduled events or contests must be approved and permitted by the Administrator;
  16. Children shall be supervised by an adult who is at least eighteen (18) years old.

Hours of Operation – Hours of permitted use are from dusk to dawn.

It shall be unlawful for persons to enter or remain on the premises outside the posted hours of operation.

Maintenance – This facility is inspected regularly. Please report maintenance concerns to the Village of Enon at 864-7870. Message may be left 24 hours per day.


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